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Outsmarting the Bot: Practical principles for using ChatGPT

by Ben O’Connor

Ever felt like you’re trying to have a deep conversation with your coffee machine? No? Oh yeah, me neither….But are we approaching a world in which we can have useful conversations with all of our electronics? Welcome to the world of ChatGPT, where the future isn’t just about robots taking over (yet), but about making AI Chatbots your supercharged personal assistant. Its been over a year since ChatGPT was released to the public, and since countless other AI products and updates have been released, leaving many people wondering how to actually use AI effectively without wasting time tinkering and guessing. Luckily, multiple research studies have now been released measuring the effectiveness of different prompt strategies. So, let’s dive into some of the most effective ways to improve your ChatGPT prompts.


Langston University professors illuminate urgent diversity crisis in AI

Langston University highlights a critical issue threatening African American futures. In 2023, a study by the McKinsey Global Insitute revealed an alarming fact: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on track to disrupt 4.5 million jobs African Americans hold, with a 10% higher likelihood of automation-induced job loss than other workers. Langston University’s computer science department, led by Prof. Ralph Grayson, a trailblazer in AI, is stepping forward to address this pressing concern in the context of a startling diversity crisis within the tech industry.
The AI landscape, dominated by a predominantly white and male workforce, risks perpetuating historical biases and power imbalances. Recent research by the AI Now Institute, which produces diagnosis and policy research on artificial intelligence, describes the situation as a “diversity disaster,” leading to flawed systems that not only replicate, but exacerbate, gender and racial biases. Examples abound, from image recognition services making offensive classifications of minorities to chatbots adopting hate speech and facial recognition technologies failing users with darker skin colors.
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Top 6 résumé writing mistakes

by Sabrina Cortes

Many people attempt to write their résumé but, it can be a daunting task. Many people don’t know how to express themselves in ways that not only showcase their skills and experience, but that includes terms that are recognized by the applicant tracking systems (ATS). Over my career as a résumé writer, I’ve written over 1,300 résumés, in addition to cover letters, thank you letters, and updating LinkedIn profiles. 
One of the things I hear most often from my clients is that they don’t know what to include or how to bring out their strongest skills and achievements. They know how to speak highly of others, but not about themselves. It can be a challenge, and I’ve had a difficult time with that myself. The struggle is real. 
By talking to my customers, actively listening, and asking questions about their work history and career successes, I’m able to uncover the following gems for them. Several clients have said, “Who is this person? I want to hire him!” This is one of my favorite parts of being a professional résumé writer. 
Clients also told me they didn’t know about ATS and the importance of tailoring their career documents to the roles they applied for. So, what are some of the top mistakes people make when they write their résumé? Here are my top six tips below:


The importance of creating a strategic plan for your career

by Keith Washington

While hopes and dreams are key elements of business success, leaders of successful companies understand that more is required.  Additionally, they recognize that the conditions within which the business operates are ever-changing.  Each year, business leaders assemble key personnel to develop a roadmap to success for the business.  This annual event is important because it attempts to account for the factors that can directly or indirectly impact the business. Those factors that may have been benign the year before can now be a major threat to success. Hence, it is necessary to identify these factors while taking measures to mitigate their impact. For these reasons, and others, it is critically important that a plan — a strategic plan — be established.   
A strategic plan is a well-developed summary of actions necessary to achieve a specific goal.  These time-sensitive actions are designed to advance the purpose and mission statement of an organization. 
When it comes to one’s profession, I often tell my clients that their professional career is THEIR business. Correspondingly, I encourage them to develop their professional or career strategic plan. Some of the most comprehensive strategic plans contain the following elements:


Signs of abuse and unhealthy relationships

by Whitley English

My firsthand experience dealing with abuse was as early as I can remember; I was about five years old. My father would yell, hit my mother, and call her names. My father was always in and out of the prison system due to mental illness and substance use. My mother ended up getting into another relationship with another man who would physically assault her also. In spite of this, I would still consider him my stepdad up until my early adult years. I was never shown what a healthy relationship was or what boundaries were.
This lack of awareness led me to make the wrong choices when choosing someone to be in a relationship with and, like my mother before me, this surely affected my mental well-being. That led me down a path of repeating learned behaviors from what I’ve witnessed and had been exposed to. I remember helping my mother by calling the police at five years old to make a report against my own father. I should not have had to assist with this at such a very young age. My stepdad at times would give my mother black eyes which would keep her from taking me to school when I was in elementary school. As I’ve gotten older, I have fallen victim to allowing those who I cared about to do the same. I chose the wrong partners. I am a survivor of a brutal domestic assault by someone I cared about.
Some signs of abuse like physical harm, are easy to spot. 


Is depression just an excuse?

by Jonathan S. Gustave

I’m tired of seeing posts from influencers who act like depression is a character flaw.  Despite what you may hear from these lifestyle influencers and so-called mindset gurus, clinical depression is not a made-up gimmick. And it’s damn sure not something you can cure with positive affirmations and bench presses. 
Clinical depression is a chemically-based mood disorder that impairs a person’s functioning. 
It can get to the point where basic tasks like getting out of bed and taking a shower feel like impossible mountains to climb. As men, we’re taught that this paralysis is a sign of laziness or a victim’s mentality. These dangerous myths cause us to downplay or ignore the signs of depression until it’s too late. Statistically, women suffer mental health disorders at higher rates than men, but men are 3 times more likely to die by suicide than women.  In other words, downplaying depression can cost your life. I wish the gurus and coaches were more cognizant of this fact. 
So, how can you tell whether your lack of productivity is laziness or depression?


The importance of understanding your heart age

by Trisha Giramma

You probably know how old you are, but do you know your heart age? It might not be the same as your calendar age. Heart age is based on weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and lifestyle choices like diet, exercise, and tobacco use. 
The lower your heart age, the lower your risk for heart disease. A 2015 report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that three out of four adults in the U.S. have a heart age older than their calendar age. Adult men’s hearts have an average of eight years on their chronological age, while women’s hearts outpace their age by five years. African American men and women are most seriously affected with hearts that are about 11 years greater than the rest of their bodies.

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